Vice Media Apologize For ‘Boy’s Club’ Environment at Firm

(Reuters) – Vice Media co-founders issued an apology on Saturday, saying the Millennial-focused media company had allowed a “boy’s club” atmosphere that included sexual harassment to flourish. Vice Chief Executive Officer Shane Smith and co-founder Suroosh Alvi released a statement after the New York Times published a story outlining four settlements by the company involving allegations of sexual harassment or defamation against Vice employees. The newspaper also reported that more than two dozen women had experienced or witnessed sexual misconduct at the company. In the emailed statement sent to Reuters addressing Vice staff, Smith and Alvi said three employees had been fired for “unacceptable behavior.”

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  1. While this topic is of most concern to women, men do get sexually harassed by women – but their story is not likely to believed. Women often are not believed, but it's worse for men – they are believed even less, even laughed at. Also, there was a recent account where a female said a male supervisor touched her leg. Plenty of women have touched my leg, but I did not consider it sexual harassment. Such petty examples diminish real harassment.

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