Watch Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy Launch For First Test Flight From Kennedy Space Center | TIME

The first test flight of Falcon Heavy rocket is targeted for Tuesday, Feb. 6th at 18:30PM GMT from Launch Complex 39A at Kennedy Space Center in Florida.
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Watch Elon Musk’s Falcon Heavy Launch For First Test Flight From Kennedy Space Center | TIME

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  1. The point here is that elon musk is doing something more than nasa did similar before,so space x is taking full on steps to the future.

  2. More than twice the size and capacity of any rocket ever to launch into space and the boosters landed to be reused again. Absolutely incredible. Elon should make his 2018 manned mission now. Well done humanity.

  3. The point is what would have happened if no one would have returned to the New World after Columbus? The U.S. was one of the main builders of the International Space Station (ISS) yet we are currently depending on the Russian Soyuz to get there. SpaceX boosters would be an option to get to the ISS on our own again. Also, I don't know about Mars but we also want to continue lunar exploration. The Saturn V rocket once got us there but it does not exist anymore…SpaceX is developing a cheaper option to get us back there. It is also pretty monumental that these boosters can return to earth and land after sending a payload into space. Agree to disagree with you on this one.

  4. BEAUTIFUL!!! ABSOLUTELY BEAUTIFUL!!! I'm in tears and wishing i was young again because I'd be as Astronaut, Astronomer, and Physicist!!! OMG I WISH I COULD SPEND MY LIFE IN SPACE EXPLORATION!!!

  5. On the basis of the sound level at the start you can clearly see how completely degenerate humanity is. At 18,000 km/h and a height of 170km flutters aluminum foil? The End is near …

  6. Fake as shit, check time 19:40, they messed it up again. The CGI falls away for a second, showing the car in some kinda hollywood studio, immediately the song blasting with the line 'This is the best selling show' right after seems to be karma. For the people still thinking this is real, check
    No matter how much money they use somehow they always mess up, the car is still in:


  8. Totally real. I know because I was there. Everything on this video really happened. It was the most amazing thing I have ever witnessed. Elon Musk and his team are amazing. NASA, learn something from this. Step up your game.

  9. AMAZING!! The part I love the most is how this video proves flat earth. Correct me if I'm wrong but not till you explain the concave earth on the left of screen at 18:00 minutes. ( That is the effect of a fish-eye lens!) when it passes the flat surface it goes from convex to concave, just like it is here on the flat earth. LOL

  10. Wouldn't that be dangerous to future space explorers or Earth itself to send that thing flying in orbit within our solar system? Would it eventually intersect Earth's orbit and crash into it some billion years in the future?

  11. This rocket is modern scrap, this car placed in the rocket is a modern scrap, how long you will be littering outer space?

    Why is it rubbish? …because it will stay there and they will not return to the erth for processing.

  12. As I was a Soviet child in the 80-ties and i dreamed about space exploration and could spend hours reading Glavkosmos booklets about future missions to Mars planned 2015. But there is no Soviet Union and we as humanity are still not on Mars. Space is too serious business to give it over to politicians.

  13. Still there needs to be a better and cheaper way to launch humans and cargo to space. Maybe we can build hyperspeed tunnel then magnetically accelerate rocket-capsule to hyperspeeds in order to save on mass-drag and fuel costs.

  14. Nhasa is a lie. Logical sounding explanations that really mathematically doesn't add up according to yah. But they know that Greater Deception is the key to distract and deceive the entire planet. This rocket nor any they build will never penetrate Yah's firmament dome. The devil is a lie and so are his devices. Fake cgi, top of line fisheye lens, green screen, swimming pools. Rockets on airplanes the act as spaceships. Flying out of perception of the human eye to better equip their lies.

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