Watch These Disturbing Effects of Global Warming and Increasing Temperature in The World

Global warming.
Drought in Southeast Asian villages.
Record-High Temperature Recorded in Iran.
Is Climate Change driving farmers in India to commit suicide.
Extreme weather causing crop failure, could hurt your pocket.

Watch the video to see all these and many more…

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  1. what a surprise well nothing on this planet is made for this change,but that's not the worst, it will become more disastrous.

  2. My heart goes out to these people. I suggest rainwater harvesting from the tin roofs that I see and rainwater harvesting by cutting trenches in hillsides to slow, spread, and sink rainwater to recharge groundwater, and ponds to store it away from villages to reduce mosquito infestations in villages. Home gardens planted densely (a few centimeters apart with adult plant leaves just touching) can increase yields several times that of conventional row planting. This method also reduces soil water evaporation and plant evapotranspiration. Google < ecology action: home> for more information.

  3. The plan to use the environment to introduce a form of Global Taxation was first conceived in 1961 – around a generation before humans are supposed to have contributed significantly to the environment i.e. the 1980s…!
    The CAGW agenda has achieved just that – Hence the Paris climate agreement and the "Carbon Tax"….! – this agreement is the foundation document for One World Government…!
    We are all carbon based lifeforms along with every other living breathing mammal on the planet – to accept the principle of the "Carbon Tax" you are essentially accepting that your very existence pollutes the planet….!
    Videos like this are a major part of the problem – because it like all others show a very selective picture by ignoring the fact that climate change is a natural occurrence – and if it gets warmer in one part of the world – it will be cooler somewhere else….! – if it gets drier in one part of the world – it will be wetter in another – similarly less ice here – more ice there….! – time to wake up folks and Stop welcoming your own slavery….!

  4. why do you not report that 27% of the USA wheat has been destroyed by heavy blizzards in April and May.Corn frost damaged in July .cold temp. records are being broken 18 to 1 against hot records.We are entering a ''solar grand minimum'' we now cool and jet stream wandering is causing temperature extremes .The sun Not CO2 governs climate change.Nature is now proving that

  5. The situation will only get worse.  Runaway global warming has been triggered.   The heating wont stop until all habitat for humans has been lost.  This process is irreversible.   Sadly,  we now realize that humans are an unsustainable species.  Everything about our way of life degrades and destroys the natural environment.  We have wrecked the atmosphere and the climate and soon the ecology will collapse.    There is no solution.  We cannot change who we are or repair the damage we have done.  We are just destructive apes.  We cant geoengineer the atmosphere of a planet.  We can only destroy it.    By 2030 we can expect to be at or near human extinction.

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