Webinar series. Integration of Alternative Input Device components into Educational Apps

This is the first webinar that took place on the 12th of December at 3:30 PM (CET). Within these sessions developers can learn how to implement a P4A building block in their AT solutions. We will also showcase real P4A implementations.

In this first webinar: “Integration of Alternative Input Modalities into Educational Apps” we are proud to present the integration of AsTeRICS input device components into LIFEtool’s educational games for people with special needs. The LIFEtool applications EURO and FlashWords have been enhanced with AsTeRICS components so the end users can now interact with them through head movements or an additional acceleration sensor. The two applications will be provided as P4A editions for free in the Unified Listing.

This webinar targets at developers and implementers who are interested in alternative input components for their own solutions and developments. The webinar presenters will be Stefan Schürz and Alfred Doppler from LIFEtool, as well as, Martin Deinhofer part of the AsTeRICS project team, from the University of Applied Sciences Technikum Wien.

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