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Welcome to Vegan Internationalist Revolutionaries and Activists for Liberation (or VIRAL for short). I came to name this group as such because we need to make this message of internationalist social justice and revolution and animal liberation VIRAL! This is a non-violent movement and a group, coalition and decentralized, autonomous affiliation of activists. The goal, objective and central organizing mission of this group is to be the beginnings of a real movement for total, societal liberation, activism and justice. This is not just for animal rights and vegan advocacy, not just for human rights, not just for stopping and rejecting fascist governmental regimes and their collaborators and enablers around the planet, not just for pushing for progressive, (non-speciesist) humanistic, revolutionary and, yes, socialist policies throughout the US and around the world – it is all of the above! This shall be just the beginning.

Revolution, nothing less!

Liberation, nothing less!

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