We’ve Passed The Climate Change ‘Tipping Point’

It’s a banner week for the end of the world, because we’ve officially pushed atmospheric carbon levels past their dreaded 400 parts per million. Permanently.

According to a blog post last Friday from the Scripps Institution of Oceanography, “it already seems safe to conclude that we won’t be seeing a monthly value below 400 ppm this year—or ever again for the indefinite future.” Their findings are based on weekly observations of carbon dioxide at Hawaii’s Mauna Loa Observatory, where climate scientists have been measuring CO2 levels since 1958…

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Written by lena

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  1. The co2 emissions are related to your own consumption, your standard of living. Do something about it yourself!

  2. Last I read we had gone past 410ppm temporarily in April 2017. If we weren't fucked in Sept 2016, we are now.

  3. 10 to 13 years before global crop failure and after that the mass cannibalism party will start! Watch the road to understand what's coming your way! If you have kids like now they will probably end up on a redneck BBQ in a few years. If you are young you wont grow any grey hair that a certainty!

    The current generation is so dumb that our extinction is a true god send to them.

  4. What happens if there is, by some magical event, no more CO2 emission is the same: the level will continue to rise. The ice stores will continue to melt and release more methane which will force faster and faster temperature rise, sea level rise and ever more extreme and deadly weather events. At least going extinct is going to be somewhat exciting.

  5. IF we passed the point of no point of no return, no need to worry about stopping it. IF all we can do is live the best we can, lets party hardy.

    New Orleans is SINKING, not getting flooded. All they need to do is dredge the sea for some new top soil and they can build it up again. Same with Miami.

    Hurricanes have gotten weaker over the last 30 years and there hasn't even been a big Atlantic one for years.

    Katrina was so bad because the government decided for several years to ignore warnings that their system would not protect the city. The damage was predicted over a decade earlier.

    The temperature was 2 degrees warmer during the mwp and it did not cause massive extinctions. Why would it do so now?

    Higher co2 means plants grow better so that will reduce food prices.

    Wild fires and flooding are decreasing, as people learn from the mistakes MAN made to cause those floods and fires.

    Even if we stopped producing co2, it would not do any good. You said so yourself, we passed the tipping point so there is nothing that can be done to stop what's coming.

    Now the BIG question is, why should we. None of the things the alarmist have said are coming true. None of the things they said would kill off the world is happening. So why are you listening to them. They have failed every single prediction.

  6. 🤣🤣🤣😁😃😄🤣😆😆😅. I'm sorry but I am an actual climate researcher. I have studied this for to long, my best friends dad actually built NOAA for the US. I spent 35 years around this man, and learned so much from him before I went to college. And take my word for it, GLOBAL WARMING IS FAKE!!! To say CO2 at 400 ppm is a tipping point is CRAZY! Did anyone ever teach these people that millions of years ago our planet had an average CO2 of 4000 ppm???? And if you believe evolution then humans evolved at between 2000 and 4000 ppm! This is over 10 times our current levels! 400ppm is 0.04% of our atmosphere! Think about that for a minute!!! That is an extremely low trace gas! And even at 10 to 15 times that amount can't warm our planet 1 degree. Think about this, WHY do you very seldom see an actual climatologist who believes in GW debate another non believing "Climatologist" in a public forum??? Why??? Because they look rediculous next to another scientist in the know! They always send people like "Bill Nye the Science guy", who is not even a scientist🤣 And when ever did you see Al Gore debate an actual climatologist??? NEVER, because he made a "D" in his only semester in the course,🤣🤣🤣🤣. People wake up, what is needed is more co2 not less! The co2 can't raise our levels 1 degree until at least 100 times the current levels which can't happen, if you actually know anything about plant physiology, or our planets ecology. Don't worry about gw, what everyone should worry about is global cooling, which we have seen for the last 17 years now, and should see for another 20 years at least, if solar cycle estimates are correct, and they look to me to be. We need to ready ourselves now. Britain and Europe are in trouble due to getting rid of coal fire power plants. Food growing season reached their peaks 10 years ago, and has been getting shorter ever since. This is a warning to all!


  8. and now there's hurricane Irma. along with 2 others at the same time and a wildfire and an 8. something earthquake in mexico, and scary developments involving yellowstone. there's probably even more that im not yet aware of.

  9. Coastal cities will use climate change as an excuse to gouge us inland dwellers for money to rebuild their precious cities a few miles further back from the beach. It will be the biggest wealth transfer in the history of humankind—the ultimate pork barrel project—and it will be the final nail in the coffin of The West.

  10. It's not going to be about sea level rise because most of us will be too dead to care. First you won't like the hot summers. Then it's going to be about food prices. After that it will be about food rationing. and after that ……. well…… good luck because food will be very hard to get. People just don't understand how climate takes out civilization because no one reads history anymore. Technology will not bail you out if society is in the process of fracturing. It doesn't work that way.

  11. 2017- The WORST year so far. Trump, wars, illness, death of family members all in one week. "Sad," as dumb-ass Trump would say.

  12. Well then get busy and stop using energy, stop driving that car, stop flying on jets, stop heating your home, turn off the lights. And nevermind that C02 was much higher during the Cretaceous period, the earth made it okay, you flaming hypocrite.

  13. You might want to do a year in review of all the weather catastrophes of 2017…try to see if you can keep that under 20min…

  14. The only strategy available is to transition to renewables as fast as possible. At least most of the world has figured that much out. The US will just have to catch up later, because of Trump who we may be stuck with for at least 4 years and maybe 8. I don't think he's going to allow anyone to take his 2nd term away from him. He'll falsify phony murder charges against whomever runs against him. I doubt he'll just allow a fair election.

  15. I asked my religious neighbor ( who denies climate change) "what harm can it do to put up solar cells, drive electric cars that are charged by either windmills or solar power?" " What harm can it do to put a few extra dollars in your pocket every month by generating your own power?"  AND ALL THE WHILE HELP SAVE THE PLANET?  His answer was "god is going to destroy the planet anyway, so why care?" NOW DO YOU SEE WHY THESE IDIOTS NEED ROUND UP AND PUT INTO MENTAL INSTITUTIONS??????????

  16. I like the Japanese studio look you had going here, you should think more about the aesthetics of your backgrounds because they can be a little weird these days. 😉

  17. YOU ARE A FUCKING RETARD…..LET THAT SINK IN…. 400ppm = .04% = 4/100 of 1%…Humans are responsible for 3.5% of the .04% = .0014% = 14/1000 of 1%….AT THIS RATE IT WILL TAKE MORE THAT 700 YEARS TO REACH A TOTAL OF 1& Co2….Let that sink in!

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