What Drives You to Atheist Activism? Atheist Roundtable 01.01

Atheist Roundtable 01.01 with David Oliverio, Andrew Rogers, & Eric Bunch

The Preaching Humanist is dedicated to educating Christians with a healthy and positive philosophy of life, without supernatural beliefs. I teach and preach about being good without a god. I will explain how the humanistic approach and perspective is an alternative to Christians beginning to question their faith. No god is required to live a life of love, joy, peace, fulfillment, meaning, and purpose. Sharing, caring, compassion, helping others to use reason, and our innate desire to be social and inquisitive are built into our nature.

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The Preaching Humanist is a production of the Atheist Culture Network and is filmed on location at the Freethought Library of the Atheist Community of Austin: 1507 West Koenig Lane, Austin, TX 78756-1415
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Hosted by David Oliverio
Produced and Directed by Mark Vandebrake

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  1. The audio was much better in this episode: nobody was hitting the table.

    There were several good topics this week, and some people who could really open up. As an introduction, I think this is good. For example, the point about online vs. in person is a very valid one. Online discussions can quickly turn toxic or useless.

    But what I really related to was the discussion about politics and religion. My awakenings on the two were quite separate. My atheism came from reading the Bible to prove you can believe it and accept science. Trouble is, there are no guidelines for what is merely myth and what is to be taken literally. The more I read, the more of that I ran into, and the more awful stuff I ran into. Eventually I figured out that nothing divine created that book. It was a mess of human beliefs. So, I became a conservative atheist. Funny thing: when I changed my political label as a result of the problems I saw in the Republican party, I actually didn't change many beliefs to go with the label. Maybe I was liberal all along.

  2. I’m often presented with the question “Why is it so important to you to be vocal about your atheism/homosexuality/depression etc.?” And you all hit the nail on the head with your explanations for why activism is important to you. Thanks for this episode, can’t wait to see more from you guys!

  3. Good Job with your new show David. I like the roundtable discussion that allows you to have a variety of guests and topics.

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