What If Dark Matter Doesn’t Exist?

What if dark matter isn’t the solution to space’s greatest mysteries? These are the alternative theories.

There’s a New Form of Matter in Town: EXCITONIUM! –

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Does Dark Matter Exist? Bold New Study Offers Alternative Model

“Dark matter is the elusive, invisible substance that appears to make up more than 80 percent of the total mass in the universe — far more than accounted for by the “regular” matter that makes up things like stars, planets and everything astronomers can directly observe. A new study makes the bold claim, however, that perhaps dark matter doesn’t exist at all.”

Astronomers Capture the First ‘Image’ of the Dark Matter That Holds the Universe Together

“Theories, computer models, and indirect observations have indicated that there is a cosmic web of dark matter that connects galaxies and constitutes the large-scale structure of the cosmos. But while the filaments that make up this web are massive, dark matter is incredibly difficult to observe.”

Astronomers Found Two Massive Galaxies Amid an Ocean of Dark Matter

“The discovery provides new details on the role that dark matter played in assembling large structures in the universe. Astronomers say the amount of dark matter that “clumped” in one area in order to create galaxies this large would have been quite rare. Now, researchers have produced what they say is the first composite image of a dark matter filament that connects galaxies together.”


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  1. I don't believe in Dark Matter. Like Aether didn't exist. We don't know 98% of what we think we know about the universe.

  2. Why no mention of Electric Universe? Anyway, it’s good to see someone at least considering the possibility that DM has been a dead end street that ain’t da whey.

  3. What if galaxies are homopolar motors driven by massive birkeland currents. What if the electromagnetic force developed by these plasma filaments was figured in? Would we need dark matter to justify the spoke like rotation of galactic spiral arms? No.

  4. Thank you for the video. Could you do a series on gravity please? Like how gravity shapes our universe and what link does it have with time?

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