What’s Really Going On In Area 51?

Do you ever wonder what’s really going on in Area 51? From alien and ufo sightings to conspiracy theories, here are the top 10 potential secrets you didn’t know Area 51 is hiding from you and me!

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  1. I've have saw an video about Area 51 from AldosWorldTv Channel.And he found this Area 51 Abandoned Tunnel with the lab but it's seems. That nobody else wants the Truth about Alien so kids or children won't be scared. Just like the movie called Independent Day.

  2. I think.. personally of course there is no actual military base i think its underground laboratory i dunno maybee making deadly viruses or antidotes but ik in ww2. There was experiments in places like that. Experiments on humans.. maybee they are tryina make captain america? Who knows.. think bout it

  3. I'm a cab driver in Las Vegas and picked up a passenger at the private airport for personal jets. He said he owns a defence contacting company. I mentioned Janet jets and that's how the conversation started. It sounds imposable but he revealed many details about area 51. Among other things he did that on the Janet jets the various employees can't talk to each other as to keep each contractor from knowing too much by talking together. There's many other things. I know this sounds crazy, but it's true.

  4. I dunno maybe the government like the fact that ppl think there’s aliens there but really there’s human experiments are happening there or maybe found something or someone there Mabey making a person like frankenst I dunno tho just think bout it they don’t care that so many ppl think it’s aliens but if ppl started saying human experiments are happening there they will care more

  5. What is whit evrybody that they think that aliens are bad or they want to "take over the world".
    Those who say that-i have a question for you…have you ever met an alien? Like those pepole say omg they are f*ing scary and bla bla…but how could you now…ok why would somebody think their evil?like why???and pepole themselves make a war becouse say stuff about aliens that make them mad and thats why we would sufer…ok if there are pepole that dont understand this and just keeps thinking that they are bad then i just cant do anything else…

  6. There was a conspiracy around the fact that there is no air on the moon and thats why it might be fake because how does the flag they set move like that if there is nog air it should probably hang down because of the little gravity that the moon has

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