Which Countries Already Have Climate Change Refugees?

Why Do People Still Deny Climate Change?
Who Should We Blame For Rising Sea Levels?

Rising seas and violent storms are wreaking havoc on small island communities, so how are people coping with climate change displacement?

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UNHCR: Climate Change

ICCAI: Current and future climate of Tuvalu

Quartz: The Climate Refugee Crisis Is Only Just Beginning

Christian Science Monitor: Pacific Islanders: Climate change creates new category of refugees

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  1. I remember reading an award-winning kid's novel about a girl and her family who had to leave their U.S island(s) due to rising sea levels. What was it called?

  2. Snow in June, freezing temperatures in July, a killer frost in August: "The most gloomy and extraordinary weather ever seen," according to one Vermont farmer. Two centuries ago, 1816 became the year without a summer for millions of people in parts of North America and Europe, leading to failed crops and near-famine conditions. While they didn't know the chill's cause at the time, scientists and historians now know that the biggest volcanic eruption in human history, on the other side of the world — Mount Tambora in Indonesia in April 1815 — spewed millions of tons of dust, ash and sulfur dioxide into the atmosphere, temporarily changing the world's climate and dropping global temperatures by as much as 3 degrees. In addition to food shortages, the natural climate change caused disease outbreaks, widespread migration of people looking for a better home and religious revivals as people tried to make sense of it all. …

  3. as long as these refugees actually integrate and don't try and get their way like the "refugees", i mean economic migrants that are ungrateful thugs forcing their hosts to worship a pedo conqueror. for example waving Isis flags and screaming Allahu ackbar in front of government buildings.

  4. first the deniers told me "its all a hoax, it's not happening"
    now they say "its the government trying to control everything
    now what i am being told is "its not from humans, its just natural"

    the deniers keep on denying no matter what

  5. is the earth better off being warmer or colder….answer it honestly and then be happy were all not freezing….wackos

  6. I literally just came back from Tuvalu the other day, and this is the biggest load of crap I have ever heard. So I will comment of a few things the video said, first of all the Villages destroyed by winds because of poor build quality, and the cost of things like screws, most of the house tin roofs are only held on by rock, wood and other heavy items. Second climate change Hasn't even slightly changed there way of life. The Limited space on the island has nothin to do with raising sea, but more dew to the fact that the whole island is owned by someone so the airport is a great flat area to play games, and the sport stadium and tennis court is right next to the runway. There is actually no raising sea levels, and the sea level is actually going down, Tuvalu now has a larger land mass, there is even a new hotel built on what use to be sea, and you can tell the sea levels are dropping as the coral which only grows underwater is exposed now. Tuvaluans Have never used surface water as it is way to salty, and there and no streams or lakes the the only water ever used is collected rain water. No one has moved because of climate change, every who has moved has either been for employment or education, and most return home after a few years, and all the photos were taken just after a massive storm which the storm water usually drains away after a day or two. The Tuvaluan groverment is getting paid roughly $27million a year to be the poster child for climate change when they themselves don't believe it at all, and just remember It is very easy to convince people about a place they have never been to or not know anything about.

  7. It's not Climate Change that is causing the Sea Level to rise, it's Global Warming, and we don't even know what Global Warming is…

  8. There is little dispute that Earth's current warm period, the Holocene is very close to ending in a catastrophic, rapid drop in temperatures. How ironic it would be to see many people in temperate developed countries scamper to migrate to places like Africa, India, Mexico and Central America.

  9. 242 devils disliked this video ,,, who is so narcissistic or ignorant to dislike a video showing people suffering due excessive man made impact on environment

  10. Rather than why people still deny Climate Change, I'd ask why International Law still denies that Climate Change refugees are INDEED refugees!

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