Whistleblower NO More Global Warming, NOAA Scientists Falsified Temp Data, MSM Ignores (306)

Retired NOAA climatologist Dr Bates, comes out with the bombshell of the century that there is no global warming. NOAA changed temperature data to show warming to effect political will to get USA and other countries to sign 2015 IPCC global climate accord. Also $100 billion in funding to be lost if no warming continues.

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“Whistleblower” who told Congress that NOAA manipulated data seems more office politics than science

NOAA whistleblower says Karl et al. “pausebuster” paper was hyped, broke procedures
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Strong December Cooling Leads to 2016 Being Statistically Indistinguishable from 1998
RSS Global Lower Troposphere Temperature Data for 2016 Confirm Results from UAH
National Academy of Sciences graph 1°C of warming between the late 1880s and 1940
Whistleblower: NOAA Scientists Manipulated Temperature Data To Make Global Warming Seem Worse

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  1. We may have a mini-Ice Age coming up, but we actually already live in an ongoing Ice Age. Our current Holocene interglacial is merely one of dozens of interglacials of the current Ice Age going back 2.6 million years.

    And when you look at the Greenland ice core temperature proxies for the Holocene, you'll see that the 1000-year cycle of warming shows a strong cooling trend for the last 3,000 years, making the Modern Warm Period the coldest of the 10 warm periods. Looks like we may already be on our way into the next glacial period of the current Ice Age. Time to prepare. Or time to get creative and figure out a way to end the current Ice Age once and for all.

    Ice kills; warmth promotes life.

  2. Madoff will probably die in prison for his fraud on Americans, and his scheme is a lemonade stand in comparison to this scam.

  3. "In interviews with the Associated Press and E&E, an online energy and environmental news outlet, Bates said he had not accused his colleagues of data manipulation" oops!

  4. Sceptics (and I use the word advisedly) of these publicity seeking scams look a bit more closely into their videos and what they say. Review just 11 seconds of the video between 52 secs and 1.03.

    Look at the three temperature charts. They are three different charts, not replications of the same information. The usual scammers trick of trying to persuade you that you are looking at the same information when you are not.

    The first is in Fahrenheit. Now I assume we all know that water boils at 212ºF. That is only 100º Centigrade. You have to agree that is a big difference in the numbers. Somewhere in the 1940s it gives a max reading of about 0.8ºF above that for 1880. Note this chart starts at zero for 1880 and shows the change from that starting point.

    The second chart is the first deception. It is supposedly given to confirm the figures of the first chart. This second chart is only for the northern hemisphere so it is presenting information for only half the area of the first chart. It does not show the change in temperature from 1880 to 1970 as the first chart did, but the deviation from the mean temperature of the years 1881 to 1975. The important thing therefore is that 1880 is not the starting point of zero, but a negative number below the mean. It is in Centigrade, and you will note that it shows a spike at about 1937 or 1938 – not the 1940s.

    The third chart is again global, and shows entirely different information to that shown in the previous two charts. An enormous deception, and one which obviously deludes a vast number of people.

    This chart shows the anomaly (or change) from the mean of the whole of the 20th century – the years 1901 to 2000. This mean is, of course, higher than the mean for the northern hemisphere shown in the second chart, so warmer years are not so high above the mean as they are in the second chart.

    What is significant, and most importantly truthful about this chart is that it clearly shows the reduced temperatures around 1910 and the increased temperatures in the 1940s. No fudging, no hiding of anything, the 1940s were warmer than most of the last century until we reached the 1980s. The last 20 and 25 years of the century did not appear on the other charts.

    The video is yet another good example of how the planet is gradually warming, despite the narration.

  5. LOL. Are you a creationist or something? Or just a school drop out?

    99% of the world's scientists contrive an environmental crisis, but are exposed by a plucky band of billionaires, oil companies and creationists. LOL. Get your head out of your creationist ass.

    There never was a NOAA scandal. Two of the worlds most reliable fact checkers confirms it. Get over it and get your head out of your creationist ass.

    Its been fact checked by several other reliable sourses, such as:

    There never was NASA lies either. Its debunked:

    Climagate? The hacker attack we first heard about from the Heartland Institute/Exxon sponsored web blog Whats Up With That? You mean THAT hacker attack? It was investigated 3 times. They found nothing:

    To get your story "right", you have to dismiss 100 years of science and the scientific method and rely on a crazy world-wide conspiracy theory instead. (Wikipedia , NASA, NOAA, IPPC are doctoring data). The only other people who have to do this to get their story "right" are Flat Earthers and Creationists. And there is where you guys belong. Alongside those. You’re the same kind of stupid.


    And, lol, (sorry I cant stop laughing), when I go to creationist web sites I find the same junk science, those same graphs on climate there as you use. Where ever there is climate denialism, creationists are never far away. Coincidence? Birds of a feather flock together. Have a look for yourself:

    Fundamentalist Christians/creationists have for years explained to themselves that what seems to be worldly wisdom and conclusions are really the results of conspiracies, biases, and misplaced human pride in academic, scientific, and journalist communities. This cognitive training to reject expert knowledge and to seek alternative, more amenable explanations has helped disarm the capacity for critical thinking and analysis. You fought the Copernicus model, you fought the round Earth, you fought the old Earth and now you fight climate change.
    Get your head out of your creationist ass.

    The Heartland Institute and its conference sponsors have collectively received millions of dollars in funding from the fossil fuel industy.

    In The Heartland Institutes board papers, we can see their strategy plan:

    Heartland is part of a growing network of groups working the climate issues, some of which we support financially. We will seek additional partnerships in 2012. At present we sponsor the NIPCC to undermine the official United Nation's IPCC reports and paid a team of writers $388,000 in 2011 to work on a series of editions of Climate Change Reconsidered.”

    All your junk science and attacks on IPPC are coming from them. You’re only a pawn in their game to spread those lies.

    There is a convergence of evidence from multiple lines of inquiry; pollen, tree rings, ice cores, corals, glacial and polar ice-cap melt, sea-level rise, ecological shifts, carbon dioxide increases, the unprecedented rate of temperature increase—that all converge to a singular conclusion. AGW is real. AGW doubters point to the occasional anomaly in a particular data set, as if one incongruity gainsays all the other lines of evidence. But that is not how consilience science works. For AGW skeptics to overturn the consensus, they would need to find flaws with all the lines of supportive evidence and show a consistent convergence of evidence toward a different theory that explains the data. (Creationists have the same problem overturning evolutionary theory.) This they have not done
    Pick up a science book and get your head out of your creationist ass.

    Do you know why your "proof" is so bad?

    Its sponsored by Exxon and Heartland Institute. The same people who used to tell us that tobacco smoking wasnt bad for us.

    As late as 1998, the President of the Heartland Institute, wrote this.

    Here he says that moderate tobacco smoking is not bad for your health. He says tobacco smoking is not addictive.
    Heartland Institute people like Fred Singer and Richard Lindzens and Easterbrook

    are now paid to do the same all over with global warming. I know that and, If you could only get your head out of your creationist asshole, you'd know it too. Your cynical propaganda is disgusting.

    FFS: Even Exxon admitted AGW is real lol:
    Exxon, a major fossil fuel company, was well aware in the 1970s that global warming caused by carbon dioxide from their product was potentially catastrophic. Like all oil companies, Exxon employed a battalion of climate scientists to help them strategize their future, and they needed to know as accurately as possible what the future held. In 2015, Inside Climate News concluded an eight month investigation into what Exxon knew in the 1970s and what they did about it.

    One internal Exxon memo from 1978 said:
    What is considered the best presently available climate model for treating the Greenhouse Effect predicts that a doubling of the CO2 concentration in the atmosphere would produce a mean temperature increase of about 2°C to 3°C over most of the earth… Present thinking holds that man has a time window of five to ten years before the need for hard decisions regarding changes in energy strategies might become critical. (Black, 1978)

  6. Jesus. This is propaganda. Even Bates (the whistleblower) said that it was not data manipulation. He also said that he expected people to "misuse" the information. Looks like you and many other organizations have proved him correct in that fear. Such a dishonest and manipulative video of what really happened. You should be ashamed.

  7. Mr Trump may have very good reasons for pulling out of the Paris agreement……

    Climate change.

    One cause is simple…less trees in the tropics each year….less to absorb the suns radiation = tropical warming. Higher temperature around the tropics = more moisture evaporated from the oceans producing much warmer denser and increased cloud production (hence more flooding in tropics where trees cover is reduced)…..then more and denser ‘tropical rainforest clouds’ carrying more moisture escape the tropics as intense heat on cleared land creates lift to allow these clouds to escape the tropics on trade winds…hence cooling effect away from the tropics as cloud cover increases and increased rain and snow fall away from the tropics, whilst extra cloud cover also traps the extra heat travelling up from the tropics…..Less trees in the tropics each year = less biomass to sequester the CO2’….As the ocean warms, the warmer seas travel north to the Arctic and south to the Antarctic…as warmer air from the tropics travels north and south, air and oceans are warmer in the Arctic and in the Antarctic….simples!’ The warmer air and seas distorts the position of the jet stream pushing it north towards west Canada and north towards the UK but there is a counteractive force pushing the jet stream south at these points as a result of the increase in cloud cover escaping the Tropics which cools the ocean through reduced radiation from the sun. Read on if you do not understand!

    Climate change on planet Earth.

    There is no dispute that this planet is undergoing climate change, indeed, throughout history, this planet has suffered much more serious climatic assaults on its surface and its inhabitants. The science however is confused by the allegation that there is GLOBAL warming. Here at the Cat Survival Trust we have studied the effects and causes of climate change for over 30 years and much of our £200,000 library contains references to every contributory aspect of this still much misunderstood world issue. We became interested in the subject for a number of reasons which could have an impact on the long term survival of the world’s cat species and the food chain of fauna and flora on which they (and humans) rely. One very good example of direct cause and effect is the loss of habitat to snow leopard following the receding snow line up the slopes of the Himalayas which has encouraged more human settlement in snow leopard habitat and an increase in human/snow leopard conflict. What has become very apparent throughout our research is the problem that this subject is increasingly being studied in ever increasing minute detail by many agencies who fail to see the bigger picture.

    Earthquakes, Volcanic eruptions and Pole Shift

    Historically, this planet has seen surges of earthquake, volcanic activity and general increases and decreases in temperature, but these changes have happened over many tens of thousands of years. Some changes have almost certainly happened suddenly as a result of asteroid strike and pole shift (see the current and predicted accelerating movement of the position of the North (and South) Pole at ) and have been accelerated by the affects of excessive plate movements causing extensive earthquakes (then click the cog top right hand corner, select Magnitude 2.5 + worldwide to see how many earthquakes have occurred in the past month then hit search earthquake archives and hit the – button on the map to see the worldwide locations(1439 at 17.00 GMT 06.02.16 up from a few hundred 14 years ago!) and volcanic eruptions activity now up to 60 from thirteen years ago. See also Currently, as a result of the pole shift, earthquakes and volcanic eruptions (211 active volcanoes!) are on the increase and there are over 3,500,000 fissures in deep ocean releasing much more greenhouse gas than man produces and pole shift will increase this volume. Just factor in the 3.5 million fissures in deep ocean pumping out 'greenhouse gases' and turning the oceans rapidly acidic (google 'acidification of the oceans') and the gases being released from the increased number of active volcanoes. Hence the huge spike in CO2 recorded by the IPCC! (It is not us driving 100 times more each and every year for the past few years!) The crust is on the move and it is putting stress on the crust….go to you tube and search 'cracks in the earth crust'…some are miles long and appear instantaneously! One example see So prepare for more earthquakes, volcanic eruptions and more severe climate change in the future! Our next pole shift is well overdue….the last one caused mass extinctions worldwide. See also Florida sea level rise and & where sea level rise is not to do with global sea rise but to do with pole shift as North America moves south towards the bulge of ocean at the Equator. Areas approaching the Equator are sinking, areas moving away from the Equator are rising.

    In previous pole shifts, there is now strong evidence to show that leading up to such events, oxygen levels decrease as more 'poisonous and inflammable greenhouse gas' is released from the increased number of volcanic eruptions, deep ocean fissures and earthquakes. In addition, following massive volcanic eruptions, without sun to allow plants to grow converting carbon dioxide to oxygen, carbon dioxide levels increase and oxygen levels fall exponentially. See Wild weather is on the increase monthly. Please see SOTT Earth changes July 2016.Then look at the many You Tube videos listed to the right of the aforementioned video to see how the situation has become much worse since July 2016.

    Pole shift is having a massive affect on migratory sea life, birds and land mammals, hence the progressive increase in mass animal deaths (google 'mass animal deaths')(See Mass animal deaths for 2017 and see the folowing link for the statistics from 2011! ) over the past 14 years. ( See also the many videos on you tube listed under 'mass animal deaths' ) Whales, dolphins, fish and birds in their thousands world wide are washing up on shore and the numbers are increasing. The movement 490 Km east towards Russia of the magnetic north and a similar movement of the magnetic south westwards are confusing migration routes. Even some land mammals are observed to have altered migration routes.

    Worse still, we are cutting down the trees in the tropics and Amazon is sinking south and the forests in Indonesia and the Philippines moving north as a result of pole shift. Less trees in the tropics and tropics are warming (Not Global warming) As the tropics heat more cloud is generated but, without the trees, the water cycle is interrupted and the climate control (the tree cover) is disappearing. Then the extra and denser cloud cover generated at the Tropics escapes north and south .

    So Mr Trump may be right to reject the Paris agreement! With livestock equaling the human population producing methane, increasing gases escaping from volcanoes, earthquakes and fissures in deep ocean as the crust slips with the pole shift, sadly the tiny amount of CO2 man produces is of little consequence. Of far more consequence is falling oxygen levels and forest destruction.

  8. All you people who were told by Al Gore the sea would have risen a mtr by 2007…has it.. NO…follow the money notice the ones who scream CLIMATE GETTING HOTTER are the establishments being funded by the elite so they have to say what they are told or NO FUNDING..please dont just take their word for it do your own research and you'll find its getting colder…much colder, This guy is a retired Dr..have a listen to a climate professor..

  9. Good one. Damn good one lad… Time to help you out a bit.
    Rather new to your site and I only know you are 'David' from other posters. Is this correct?

  10. Reply to Atomsk's Sanakan: Kindly explain why it is becoming colder and drier in some parts of the world in the way it was at the height of the last Glacial Ice Age 12,000 years ago? And why don't you buy a 2-way ticket to Russia and see our last winter snow DID NOT COMPLETELY MELTED AFTER EVERY SIBERIAN WINTER and it has been doing that year after year, and glaciers in many places are growing and moving so fast that we lost more than 200 towns to glacial ice flows that are becoming thicker and denser by the year after each every winter, so kindly explain that too?

  11. Couple of minutes of searching and you can find what was really going on. Bates "specified that he did not believe that they manipulated the data upon which the research relied in any way. He only accused former colleagues of rushing their research to publication, in defiance of agency protocol and he felt it was improper to use that data without a disclaimer clearly indicating that it was derived from an experimental run". Bates: "There was no data tampering, no data changing, nothing malicious." And NOAA uses different baseline in their graph compared to MetOffice, hence the difference in the graph: 1971-2000 baseline vs. 1961-1990 baseline. Use same baseline and you'll get almost identical graphs.

  12. Whatever. – How an Interoffice Spat Erupted Into a Climate-Change Furor

    "The scientific community swiftly shot down the accusations, and affirmed the accuracy of the research. And Dr. Bates himself later stated in an interview with a business news site that he had not meant to suggest that his former boss had played fast and loose with temperature data. 'The issue here is not an issue of tampering with data,' Dr. Bates said." – British Press Watchdog Says Climate Change Article Was Faulty – How a culture clash at NOAA led to a flap over a high-profile warming pause study

    "Tuesday, in an interview with E&E News, Bates himself downplayed any suggestion of misconduct. 'The issue here is not an issue of tampering with data, but rather really of timing of a release of a paper that had not properly disclosed everything it was,' he told reporter Scott Waldman. And Bates told ScienceInsider that he is wary of his critique becoming a talking point for those skeptical of human-caused climate change. But it was important for this conversation about data integrity to happen, he says. 'That’s where I came down after a lot of soul searching. I knew people would misuse this. But you can't control other people,' he says."

  13. You are comparing North American temp. record with Northern Hemisphere record and finally with Global mean temperature. Of course they differ! You make good points, but blatant mistakes like these make your argument look invalid and easily ignored.

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