White House Proposes Path To Citizenship For “Dreamers” | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

The White House is laying the groundwork for President Donald Trump’s new immigration proposal. Attorney Raul Reyes, MSNBC Political Analyst Rick Tyler, and Slate’s Mike Pesca react to what is in the plan. The panel also discusses what it will take to get a bipartisan immigration bill passed.

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White House Proposes Path To Citizenship For “Dreamers” | Velshi & Ruhle | MSNBC

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  1. Far Left? Who is the Far Left? The current center is well to the Right, to the point that Democrats are simply Reagan Republicans.

  2. Dread death most illegal immigrants that you say taking tax payers money started off as legal immigrants. All illegal immigrants can not take any government money. You can not even apply for help with out a social security number. So, once again illegal immigrants can not apply for help.

  3. Dread death, let me get this right, you are made at illegal immigrants because they don't pay much on taxes but you are ok with your president making billions and not paying one cent to taxes because he can claim a lost on his business years ago?

  4. Liberals forget to tell their blind followers that 21% of all inmates in federal custody are illegal immigrants. Liberals
    also turn a blind eye to the fact that 2,430 inmates convicted of murder in California are illegal immigrants.
    Liberals prefer to protect illegal Mexicans than they do their own citizens. Liberals true motives are the millions of
    votes they desperately covet in the future and to change the landscape of the electoral college. FACT

  5. Cutting legal immigration can take pressure off housing in some areas, take pressure off downward push in wages in some areas and it also may help calm the crazy right which should be a progressive objective. Unless progressives, like the crazy right, want a civil war.

  6. Dread death, you have every right to do as you wish but is that not the point? We as Americans have the right to have different of opinion.

  7. Base voters definitely care about the wall – beautiful, big, wall.

    Base voters have no clue what “rational immigration system” means. They want that wall.

  8. So from what I sè is the president holds the dems by black mail not long ago government shut down for a couple of days because trump said he would deport dreamer now he says the can stay only if he gets the money for the border wall. Amazing but trump himself could pay for the wall he's supposed to be a billionaire, or if he hadn't give the big tax cut to the rich that could have paid for the wall trump is so backward in so called making deal's

  9. General Warning: Putin’s operatives are posting comments in our social media, assume this comment section is affected. The best thing to do is ignore their chat bait. Do not reply to them. That goes for conspiracy theorists as well. Ignore them all.

  10. The only president in the United States that is hate as much as Hitler by his own citizens is Trump and his administration get them out and protect our sons and daughters and Country and Freedoms

  11. Oh my goodness but you Americans are a bunch of moaning saddos! You have more than most countries but for the past year it became utterly apparent that you're no longer such a great country. It's sad… I'm just an observer who'd never want to set foot in a country so far removed from reality. Just start working on removing your cancerous leader & horrid administration..especially Stephen Miller. Then be decent towards each other especially minorities. America is imploding right now…its sad.

  12. "Trump's base doesn't want a wall. They just want sane immigration policy." BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA (deep breath) BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHA… Seriously, how stupid is that guy? Yes, I'm sure while they were frothing and screaming "BUILD THE WALL! BUILD THE WALL!" that was just a subtle plea for a sane immigration policy. I can't roll my eyes enough without going blind.

  13. This time I am ok with dreamers being allowed to stay, but from now non let Mexico take care of Mexico's children.  Let Mexico help them to make their "dreams" come true.  We need to take care of our LEGAL U.S. CITIZENS AND U.S.BORN DREAMERS.!!

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