Why Can’t Young People Find Jobs?

Are We Nearing The End Of Capitalism?

With the global population set to rise, youth unemployment is becoming a huge issue. But why are so many young people out of jobs?

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Toward Solutions for Youth Employment

“When you think of your first job, you probably remember brimming with energy and optimism. ”


“The uneven economic recovery and successive downward revisions in economic growth projections have had an impact on the global employment situation.”

Is America Saturated with College Grads?

“Walk into any introductory economics class across the country and it won’t take you long to hear about the law of diminishing marginal returns.”

Why there’s little hope for Greece’s unemployed

“If you want evidence of how dire the situation is in Greece, just look at its long-term unemployment figures.”

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  1. it's funny because before people were dumb a lot, but since the bar was very fucking low, they just learnt everything while getting paid by their fucking company…

  2. Getting a job is not based on what skills/experience you have but it is solely based on favoritism and who you know.

  3. They cant find jobs because more skilled migrants are doing them at half the wage you would be willing to do the job for.
    Don't blame us we tried to warn you but your liberal teachers and figureheads forgot to tell you mass migration will affect your future livelihood.

  4. Because more and more jobs are defaulting to low wage bad conditions unattractive.
    Import third world become third world.

  5. I advise anyone. If you're still pretty young, stay with your parents or who you live with. The last thing you need is to meet a dopey, controlling partner, move in with them and have to pay rent etc, without a job. It's very hard out there, whether you have documentation or not. Thank god the system is slowly collapsing.

  6. There is a SIMPLE SOLUTION to those that are trying to FIND a JOB! Service?! Learn a Skill or Trade that provides a Service Everyone NEEDS, but don't want to or Don't Know How to Do. NO, Not the usual; Lawn Care, Car Wash, Dog Walking, Pressure Washing, etc… They are a dime a dozen. I mean something a little more creative and PAYS EXTREMELY Well! Some of You Guys have worked for a Company or have been trained to do some type of Skill that Pays well and you haven't thought of doing it on a lesser scale & Start Your Own Business.

    Technology being what it is (ie CellPhone, Ipads, Laptops, Apps, etc…), ANYONE can Start a Business. Example, I have a nephew who dropped his I phone and cracked the screen. He didn't have a the money to get it repaired. He searched on youtube, "How to Repair the Screen on an iPhone 6".

    After learning how to repair his phone, he ran an ad on Craigslist in his area and started getting paid to repair phone screens and his business grew from there. Once he saw the profit & business potential in just repairing cellphones, he started adding cool affects to his 2013 Dodge Charger and will soon offer that to local guys in his community.

    Bottom line, EVERYONE has gifts & talents they don't realize. GET AHEAD of the GAME, find a SERVICE you can provide, get Paid to do it and NEVER have to do the 9 to 5 Grind or be at some Companies mercy of; How Much You Make? Where You Live? Job Security? Be Overworked & Underpaid…

    You are in CONTROL of your future No One Else! STOP looking for DEAD End Jobs… Take Control!!

    Be Blessed & Be Encouraged


  8. Capitalism and Communism are both exploitative to man. Capitalism will lead to the very Communism people claim they are against. Capitalism and Communism are two sides of the same coin.

  9. with the rise of technology is the rise of the entrepreneur. outsourcing and automation is becomming normalized. if you can't didn't work. learn to create it. student loans can come off your student loans check out the video below ???

  10. I'm a millennial and so glad I have a high paying job, seeing all the unemployed people my age who are falling behind in life just makes me more grateful for what I have.

  11. 28 years old and never had a serious or worthy job…only summer jobs for over 10 years. Started college last year but it's hard to keep going depressed and broke. I blame myself 100% for my miserable situation but it is still hard to get out of the bed everyday knowing that I didn't have youth. But I still have a little bit of hope.

  12. Because the fully grown man/woman are stealing the jobs that are reserve for high school students.

  13. There's even going to be robots or machines doing work for coal miners since it'll be more "healthy" and "less expensive" . Yeah both of those are true, but still. It's all about the money….government wants it all.

  14. One year ago, my cousin was graduated from Harvard University with a Bachelor of Political Science, guess what? His fancy degree with 500+ sent application got him nowhere, and he still sitting home.

  15. I'm 18 .. from Houston,TX,U.S. , I swear it is so hard to find a job that pays at least 10/hr.. almost impossible.

  16. When you are 20 years old and the employer wants you to have 40 years experience to get the job…

  17. A big part of the problem is too many people with "arts degrees" and not enough people with "journeyman qualifications". Way too many sociology professors, and not enough electricians.

  18. In the US, we need manufacturing companies back.  These companies also provide white collar jobs such as accountants, chemist,  upper management, human resource and engineers.  People without college degrees use to be able to raise a family working the blue collar jobs in these companies without having to work themselves to death working two jobs like they do today.  We have turned into a service industry country and we are no producing anything which is hurting our economy.  Our country needs to be more self sufficient instead of buying everything we need from other countries.  Before I retired recently, I worked for a company in the US that was started and headquartered in another country.  The company paid excellent wages and had great benefits.  It foreign companies can open in the US and pay good wages, why can't US companies do the same?

  19. Deport the foreigners. No other country in the world sells out its own citizens like the US does. US citizenship is WORTHLESS.

  20. 1:35 – note the blame put on "older Americans" taking these entry level jobs – not foreigners. That is when you know you are hearing propaganda from a pro-immigrant source. Why completely ignore foreigners taking these jobs except to deflect from that issue.

  21. I have been trying to work for two years straight everyday nobody will hire?everyones extremely selective even for entry level jobs the American system is following apart because of the bankers here they completely destroyed are economy are something.

  22. It's extremely tough out there. Many employers only hire experienced applicants. That's good if you have experience. If not, how do you get the experience? One solution is to pick a career path where the demand is so great, employers don't care if you have experience or not. Your chances are much better. The job will probably be difficult to fill, otherwise there wouldn't be a demand. If you can stick it out for a while, you'll probably be highly paid.

  23. I can't get a job here where I'm from I need to have at least 10 years of job experience. So I should have started working at 9 years old.

  24. Better off:
    1. Starting your own business
    2. Creating new software for employers to use.
    3. Become a career counselor.

    It's like you need to get a lot of unpaid gigs to get a paid one!

  25. I have a degree in Software Development and I've been unemployed for nearly 2 years with hundreds of applications on my neck. I'm in my thirties. What happen to your "we need millions of programmers" claim, MSM? –_

  26. I doing youtube and hope to get big. But people think I dont want a job, thats true but i did try and get no where.

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