Wikileaks Julian Assange Just Revealed What Really Happened In Las Vegas and It Is BAD For The FBI

Wikileaks Julian Assange Just Revealed What Really Happened In Las Vegas and It Is BAD For The FBI
Julian Assange is back on the scene, and we all know that he doesn’t post his subtle tweets without having some serious evidence to back it up. While speculation has run rampant on social media forums as to what actually happened in Las Vegas, we can now be assured that Assange knows something and fully intends on showing us exactly what that something may be.

Questions seem to be more abundant than answers this time around, and that is what most likely can attribute to the mass influx of regular people trying to solve the mystery by any means necessary. We have seen things ranging from green aliens to the very same thing that Assange is alluding to. The FBI was responsible. Which is not very far-fetched on the grander scale of things already proven in the past about CIA and FBI involvement with events like this.

The average American, however, is becoming more attune to those very sad realities, and due to that the sub-groups won’t be able to continue their nefarious works for much longer. When Assange publishes whatever information it is that he surely has, we will know much more than we ever would otherwise.

According to AFF :

In a pair of tweets that will leave you scratching your head and blinking at the screen, Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, let loose what he really thought about the FBI in the wake of the deadliest mass shooting in American history.

His words came as a reply message to another Twitter user that posted about FBI methodologies. The content is alarming and that’s partly what is so fascinating about the statement’s placement as a reply which was assumedly meant to go largely unnoticed. Assange, who hasn’t said anything else about the shooting orchestrated by Stephen Paddock, hasn’t tweeted on the topic since and has returned to his regular rant about the Catalonia independence movement. Still, these few words will leave you wondering just how much we have left to learn.Here’s what Assange had to say:

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  1. We the people will no longer blindly believe an FBI narrative. We knew going back to JFK that this was an inside job. Many are wondering if this was a test case for a much more sinister plot. Hopefully they got their answer. You can't get away with it anymore. It's no longer business as usual in the criminal Intel world. God Bless Donald Trump and God Bless America

  2. I want to see hotel security tapes NOW! Before they doctor them up or jfk style the recordings. Remember the zapruter. Film!!!!!!!!!!!

  3. the go to oracle fake fuck:)may the farce be with you:dylan storm trooper king of the zionist whopper last seen with adam ass boogers jew lanza on the grassy knoll in vegas their only job was to poop the band/photographer and florescent vest guy but failed as usual:)lmfaao

  4. In some cases it would make sense for the FBI to coax one person to commit terrorist acts because it COULD expose not only them but their accomplices…

  5. I sometimes wonder about Assange but then this may not be Assange's words. They know some truth gets out. To counter this they put out a bunch of 1/2 true conflicting stories released by insiders pretending to be heroes to confuse the public. Several bleach blond kinds were involved with a cult in Australia, (Anne Hamilton-Byrne was the front). This was just one of many mind control cults created by the powers that be all over the world. But but I am not sure if Assange was a member of this one.

    Anyway, here is what really happened if you want to know. The gunfire was piped over the loud speakers but they also were firing something like firecrackers to appear as muzzle flashes, had a war hero save some staged made up victims, make sure people in charge are insiders — top cops, fake news reporters, concert managers and you have a nice little hoax that most sheeple will believe. Sheeple don't dotheir own research so they're easy to fool. As to the FBI? The FBI is just one of the players but not the orchestrators. The FBI doesn't give orders to the Vegas cops, press or concert promoters. But most top cops, media moguls, and entertainers are "Freemasons." There's your answer man. While low level Masons believe they are part of something good, at the high levels it is organized crime at its most powerful and evil form!

    So now the most important question — why? They believe the public must be kept in a constant state of fear. They think this is important for mind control but mostly its just plain sadism. They also use these things for gun control and to try to usher in more police state. They claim to be our benevolent leaders but in fact are a bunch of paranoid, control freak lunatics!

  6. ISIS is supported by the FBI… The FBI will no longer fund ISIS … VEGAS is what will happen if ISIS dos not get their funding.

  7. Damnit, either learn to read or ask a friend to read it for you.
    This computer voice crap makes me ( and many others) leave without watching (much less listening) to your videos!

  8. Better question, Why hasn't congress addressed an inquire into this, the largest mass shooting ever??? They are silent… maybe because they know what really happened ?I would be jumping up and down on the desk demanding answers… They already know, hence no questions…

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