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Written by lena

Foodie, Performer, Water Protector, Avid Baker, Syndicate Aggregator. I probably still live in my mom's basement.


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  1. They were just caught doing this to some poor bipolar/schizophrenic guy up in OK City this summer. They also stood by in Garland Texas in that shootout in 2015 at the Islamic cartoon convention. They were parked 100 yards away and watched as those thugs shot up the local cop who saved the day with a remarkable kill shot. It's clear Comey and Mueller are both no longer working for the American publics interests.

  2. why was he shot I the heart ad after the blood dried shot through the head after he was dead. the photo of the body showed the fresh blood on top of the dried blood.

  3. What I don't understand is if somebody has evidence why not just prove it and not keep giving bit and peaces hear and there. Assange always only gives bits and peaces never the full evidence!

  4. Frist the FBI shouldn't be involved in this case. No guns or crime was committed over state lines. They don't have the juradision in this case that I have heard. the hotel was told around sat or so there would be an active shooter drill. At that hotel. Kind of weird there is a drill just before or even during the shooting I think. Not being told whole story(facts). Just a thought

  5. They want to try and take our guns before the shit hits the fan then they can kill us with ease no resistance no guns. Lots of fake bullshit is going on here folks. Smoke mirrors and noise makers lights and camera and action yea I bet

  6. These dark souls will pay big time for their evil works but they're too stupid or too egotistic to know it. Woe to that man by whom the offence cometh

  7. If you can't see it coming you're a fool……Civil War is inevitable. Make sure you know who your friends are….

  8. Do you think President Trump's Justice Department could arrest every FBI agent, in Las Vegas, put him and her, under interrogation. Ask all of them these serious questions, regarding Stephen Pollack, all of his known associates, and connections to every person who sold him that large collection of automatic weapons. Was there another shooter. Come on now, let America know the truth!

  9. Great video! I’m going to send some of my subscribers over here to check it out, because I have some similar information and documented evidence on my channel

  10. Paddock was an FBI agent doing gun deal with Isis, Isis found out paddock was an agent and everything went wrong. The cameras put in the room were surveillance cameras because Paddock was an agent recording the transaction. Isis found out about the setup , killed paddock and killed all the people they did and got away..
    To all of you people that may think I'm craZy
    I understand where you're coming from.
    But this is the truth…
    Hopefully you will discover soon

  11. Yelp this is a means to undermine the FBI so that Trump and his minions can get away with all their crimes. Wake up people.

  12. Here in Oz we had something similar happen (a while back) of the Victorian police drug squad organising the sale of ephedrine , in the supposed hope of tracing speed manufacturing networks . . it very soon turned into that drug squad (Trevor Harkin & co) being just another drug dealing network .

  13. follow the money!!! the owner of the hotel sold all his hotel stocks two weeks before the shooting and bought millions in some kind security company stocks CSO!

  14. We knew based on Comey, Meuller, Obama, the Butcher of Benghazi, McCain, Ryan…just how corrupt the FBI is.

    I heard that Paddock was undercover FBI involved with illegal arms trade with ISIS…who were created, armed and trained by the obama admin. Remember Paddock's brother said he'd made them all rich. Illegal arms trade is big business, big money.

    The FBI provided the weapons for him; how easy for them to flash badges to hotel personnel and get all those weapons into the room. Somehow (FBI maybe) ISIS found out who Paddock was, met with him anyway, and shot him and then carried out the slaughter. Islamists love bloodshed of non-muslims…it's their best hope to get to their paradise. The pedophile prophet who made up Islam commanded to the idiots to kill non-muslims. And obama wrote in his book, The Audacity of Hope, two years before being elected "I will stand with the MUSLIMS should the political winds shift in an ugly direction!" The NWO, SOROS, the FBI, CIA are all involved in every mass shooting….and nearly every mass shooting has been perpetrated by a Democrat.

    I saw a list with names and dates and political affiliation yesterday…i wish I'd copied it…it was sickening.

    I saw a very early photo taken and posted on FB of Paddock's full body before the photo was cropped without his head. There is an AR on his left leg, but he never shot himself. The photo of his face was fully intact, a small amount of blood coming out of his mouth, and his eyes were wide open.

    He is wearing black gloves, under his LEFT hand is a handgun, as if someone placed it there…looks too staged to me.

    If he planned to kill all those people and shoot himself, why wear gloves? Was Paddock left handed? Could the gloves have been worn so that no fingerprints could be left on guns used by ISIS and then traced back to him ir the stinking FBI?

    Had he shot himself with the pistol under his left hand, the recoil would have either flung his arm away from his body, and people who kill themselves usually grip the gun tightly. And if it had been the AR at close range there would have been a lot more damage to his head…there was only blood around his mouth. Also, people who commit suicide often squeeze their eyes closed, not wanting to see, and in anticipation the sound and impact. People who are murdered are often looking at the person who killed them…eyes wide open like Paddock's.

    We will probably never hear the truth, but I can't imagine how anyone can take the lives of innocent people like that…but islamists do it every day. And they have now aligned themselves with antifa…i saw an article headline that said ISIS was now training antifa. The bloodshed is going to get worse…just watch.

    Pray for our nation, pray for the families and victims of this senseless slaughter, for our President and VP. What a sad mess they've been dealt by the TRAITORS in this country.

  15. This is a load of crap. The FBI did not stop the Las Vegas Shooter, the Las Vegas Police did. So what happened to the FBI swooping in to look good. You people are nuts This is where the fake news is coming from.

  16. FAA cancelled tail number before reissuing to C-152. no record on reissue to SR20 Cirrus is a China owned company). Paddock pulled out of FAA lic. data base.

  17. Keep an eye open for officials that don't have happy endings.
    When they tie up loose ends you'll know who was involved.

  18. Hinkley and Reagan Jodi foster and Hollywood and the FBI Mandalay, Hollywood MGM, ISSIS, Fast and furious guns for the cartels WACO Randy Weaver. FBI LIES, Oklahoma City, 9/11. They still hide the truth about the JFK assassination now for another 30 years. The FBI got away with this on Indian reservation and it was not much of a leap to do the same to the larger American public. Our FBI with no convictions for the elite they think they are part of. McCabe Mueller and Hillary still run the FBI and DOJ. Trump you disgust me.

    The FBI / CIA secret police got confidence for all of this after the JFK assassination. The children of today think the government is their friend because their government teachers have told them the government is their friend. Lets see if they think so ten yeas after they are unable to pay their student loans which is now over a Trillion dollars in debt, because an open borders foreigner has taken their job or their kids job.Don't worry be happy.

  19. Like firemen starting a fire so they can come and put it out and save the Day sort of way. I knew there was some corruption in the government. But the FBI is a disappointment I’m more ashamed of us for letting it grow into this heartless monster set to terrorize his own country.

  20. I thought Trump was going to drain the swamp?  Trump hasn't fired all the oBozo appointed deep state traitors in the FBI and CIA. Trump hasn't arrested oBozo, Hellary, Soros, Podesta, etc… jokes on you… Trump is a deep state globalist puppet with orange hair.

  21. The FBI is ISIS. US Government run by Masons and Zionists are the ones doing this. They are responsible for gun control, the empowerment of the United Nations and the rape taking place in Europe from overimmigration. I say god damn all Zionists and the USA Government that set up 9-11, and killed President Kennedy who was trying to stop them….you all know who it is. People like the Rockefellers and Rothschilds. The crime lords of the world that created the UN, ISrael and the CIA. If not for these rats there would be no blacks or Arabs in Europe.

  22. A drinker and gambler sounds like someone working and living on the edge similar to a narc hmmmmmm sounds plausible they always say if you get caught or busted we will deny any knowledge or association with you.

  23. Oh yeah Julian Assange leaks more incriminating information or maybe he's just CIA controlled opposition do you think that they would let him go on for this long I doubt it wake up to the corruption ladies and gentlemen

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