WikiLeaks raises new questions about Clinton

New revelations from hacked emails are making preparation for the third and final debate even more difficult for Hillary Clinton. CNN’s Jeff Zeleny reports.

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  1. I'm surprised CNN even reported on this lol.  When you're desperate, you have to report on ANYTHING that gets views, even if that means swallowing your pride every once in a while and reporting on something you're trying to hide.  Shame on you CNN.

  2. How stupid do they think we are. The emails tell us what we need to know. Hillary is corrupt and a criminal. How can our president keep a straight face while backing this crook.

  3. it's easy for BO to talk shit him Bernie everyone who's afraid of the truth has no fucking backbone Lying Loretta that lying Combeyjack cheese fuck, the system is rigged this whole election is fucked money controls everything they're afraid of the truth. just go back and watch Bo campaigning vs. her a couple years back saying she would say anything to get elected but now they're best friends even though they really hate each other and Bernie simply gave up. Jill Stein is a very good canadate but the system is rigged so that's not going to happen. I don't know how these people can go to sleep at night when they have no integrity no morals and choose themselves over doing their swarn oaths to do what's the greater good for our country. America is all the people that work their asses off until they die and pay for the lavish lives of these selfish greedy politicians not the industrial military complex we have in place special interest. it's a crazy time to be alive to see this amount of corruption and what seems like the end of an Empire. smh pathetic.

  4. When Trump wins CNN, I hope he incites a fuckload of federal fines on you that you will have to be sold off to The National Enquirer.

  5. The Russians know that the 33,000 deleted emails were nothing more than Slick Willies' pictures from the Epstein Islands that Hil-Lie-ry doesn't want Americans to see !

  6. "No evidence my server was hacked"

    Wiki leaks dumps tens of thousands of emails….

    Think Hillary you got busted again…

    I also hate trump… Voting for my dog 2016

  7. I hope, that when Trump walks out on stage, he punches "Crooked Hillary" square in the jaw…..and when Bill comes running up, dot his eye a good one as well, & then both of them arrested for corruption !! (as the entire world now has the physical proof of everything illegal that they are connected to)

  8. WikiLeaks shows CNN is in the tank for Lying crooked Hillary !
    Shame on CNN ! I'm tuning out from CNN bullshit overload. Will be getting my news from the alternative media where 'real' news is reported.

  9. oh i thought the U.S had unbiased main stream media excerpt when covering africa. you guys have the same problem as well. this cnn is obviously biased towards Hillary. thought is was only in africa where the main stream media favours the ruling party.
    Shame on you

  10. I'm so fed up with Obama. Charismatic liars like Obama and Bill are always the worst. The people just won't accept, that they are in the pockets of the economic elite even when someone like Obama tries to push through the TPP. And he's lying again in this video. Trump is a buffoon, but he's right, that the system is rigged and Obama knows this very well, since he's working very closely with the people, who are rigging it.

  11. How about the part of the leaked e-mail where CNN gave the questions to Hillary in advance at a town hall debate against Bernie?

  12. "Raises new questions for Hillary?" What? Such as; That she is a criminal? That she and the DNC and colluding media like CNN are a pack of corrupt monsters? That she represents the betrayal of the American Republic? That you CNN represent the betrayal of the American Republic?

  13. The problem with the Obama's is that they are too greedy and ungrateful…Clinton is dishonest and unworthy and will loose..and CNN i.e. The Clinton New Network, lies its a propaganda news agency..Sanders is a two the truth for yourself on

  14. I don't think the current sitting president should be allowed to comment either way with respect to the election. He is not running! Be quiet Obama, your time is up!

  15. Funny, Obama says when you're losing you blame someone else. And that's what he's doing with Trump!!! Lmao. While Hilary is unable to hold regular rallies, and certainly when she does, it's a small turn out compared to to Trumps OVERWHELMING visible support, Obama and his media report Hilary is ahead in the polls and says Trumps questioning this as false. Lol… Oh wow . Hail High Obama! Yes sir!

  16. Obama is the first President that spends out money running around the Country speaking against Trump…he must have something to be afraid of..ummm I wonder what..maybe TREASON…

  17. The only question that should be raised is how many years should this traitor get and how much of her ill-gotten wealth should be confiscated

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