World on brink of World War 3: North Korea TEAMS UP with Syria to defend ‘just cause’ – DAILY NEWS

World on brink of World War 3: North Korea TEAMS UP with Syria to defend ‘just cause’
NORTH KOREA leader Kim Jong-un has spoken out in support of Syrian dictator Bashar Assad after a US-led coalition launched a strike on chemical weapons factories in retaliation for an alleged gas attack on the city of Douma.

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  1. And just after they had announced an to end hostilities with South Korea, they start another controversy, why am I not surprised, you can never trust a communist.

  2. Bring it on Kim Jong Un show the Cranky Yanky you support Syria and if they don't behave you're send then a hello and good bye rocket all in one that way it only cost you one gift for two occasions.

  3. Wow Assad’s !!! That’s some real reputable supporters on the world stage you got there. Nothing speaks louder to your legitimacy then having someone like Kim jong-un who is viewed by so many as a beacon of light and hope in the world standing by your side. Maybe boko Haram or al shabab will come out and support you next.

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