World retaliation on United States trade wars! Breaking News

Sometimes in soccer, an attempt to defend one’s turf results in a score for the opposing team—an “own goal.” There have already been nine such incidents of self-sabotage in the 2018 World Cup, by far the most in the history of the tournament. But you won’t find the most spectacular example of the summer on the pitch in Russia. That distinction goes to Donald Trump’s administration, whose determination to start a trade with China is, like the best own goals in soccer, muscular in its approach, blind in its aim, and self-injurious in its consequences.

After months of warnings and threats and failed negotiations with China, United States officials have started collecting tariffs on $34 billion worth of Chinese goods. In response, Beijing has said that it will retaliate with levies on American pork, soybeans, and cars. In response to that response, Trump has promised to re-retaliate by applying tariffs to more than $200 billion worth of goods from China if Beijing follows through

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  1. Good we will see who’s economy needs who. America buys from the world the world doesn’t buy from America.

  2. The socialist LOSER merkel is getting her fat arse tossed out by her own people . If she wants to declare an imagined "trade war" with the U.S. , she will get one and the EU will suffer far more greatly than the west . Italy already wised up to the "EU" mythology . sick shit video from another anti American and anti UK source .

  3. Lovely bashing of America . Bring on the trade wars shit head and see who suffers the most . Stick that overpriced POS BMW in your ear while America increases automobile production and phases out European autos and other imported goods . MAGA ! to you socialists .

  4. "Allies" and "Friends" don't fire a "broad side" of Trade tariffs in response to America's tariffs on TWO items…Steel and Aluminum. Conclusion: Canada..Mexico…the EU are NEITHER "Allies" OR "Friends". Therefore we MUST remove ALL military assets and all funding from Europe and break military relations with Canada and Mexico. ALL of them are now allies of our REAL enemy…China..and can no longer be trusted.

  5. Trump is doing the best Russia job in turning the world against the USA lol
    Russia and china must be haveing a big party every time trump talks or does anything lol

    Even we in Ireland are starting to turn on the USA all due to 1 man TRUMP
    So is the uk and many others

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