Would a ‘Flat Earth’ confirmed blow your mind?: Conspiracy

This is a subject that we know very little about but we do want to know more, so help us understand guys! Now, before you stop this video, you should know that …

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  1. There is nothing wrong with asking the question. It amazes me how simple minded some of the people here, can be.Unsubscribing , and getting all angry and upset because a question was asked?? I have personally never verified whether the earth is round or flat…so I keep an open mind, and listen to all sides of the argument.There are some pretty convincing arguments for and against the flat earth theory. Hopefully one day I can be 100% sure that it is either flat or round.In the meantime, I am not going to be some narrow minded know it all who ridicules others for their beliefs. Great channel…keep up the good work!

  2. Explain the angle of sun rays going through clouds. I understand about light deflection. The angle of light rays are always pretty constant. The sun is a lot closer than we are being told.

  3. I try to be tolerant towards people no matter how silly their believes are but for some reason I find flat earthers very annoying. But since I'm not into getting into insulting debates anymore I just ignore them. I can recommend "Joe Rogan Experience #862 – Trevor Valle".. in that podcast the theory basically gets butchered.

  4. These writings are essential reading to understand Gods creation, there is much wisdom flowing through Enoch's writings and they were written specifically for the last generation. Before getting too much FE information in your brain I suggest reading Enoch's writing's first then you will see that a counterfeit FE model is being popularized. Vain men believe they can recreate what God created alone in their models not accepting or not understanding the invisible attributes of Gods creation.

    I also suggest testing what you can that Enoch puts forth so you know it's level of accuracy.

  5. NASA and modern astronomy claim that Earth is a sphere, but not a perfect sphere, an "oblate spheroid," and not only oblate, but even bigger in the southern hemisphere like a pear. Do you know this?

  6. Man, I liked your channel till I watched this. I tried to not watch it, ignored it every time I saw the title appear as I knew this would happen. All credibility lost guys, I'm sorry I really liked your theories, but anyone who could even flirt with the thought of a flat earth can't be taken seriously in any way whatsoever, VERY let down by this video, now I realize I wasted my time watching all of your other videos. Unsubscribing, and my best advice is to pull this video before you lose more. Take care

  7. To 'The Kepler Telescope Channel, You mean, America and Russia were all set to Demonstrate the Earth was not flat, that is Until they Duped Everyone, by the Illusion Of Smoking Mirrors, of a False Journey Into Their False Space and said the magic False Words, "The Earth Is Round"? You know this How? Why, Because they Said It, With Their Very Own Lying Lips. Their photo taking finger was broken on the trip, so they could not get photographic evidence of their words. Oops! Carry on.

  8. To all the people threatening to un sub because his or (any) channel chooses to approach a subject that you people are not open to research or even speculate on, What Are You Afraid
    Of? What if it is flat? Then What? : o Go easy on yourselves and The people posting on their channel. I guarantee you guys that there are plenty of people out there ready and happy to sub to this channel Because he chose to take a better look into this subject, myself included. : )

  9. Awesome Flat Earth Group on Facebook – Join it and ask a question and you'll find yourself booted!
    Proof that these retards have NO INTEREST in investigation or any kind of scientific approach.
    You're part of a stupid Psy-Op created to distract us.

  10. the Earth is flat ceated by GOD they have fool us long enough read your Bible GOD commanded the sun and Moon to stand still Amen

  11. – what is your best evidence Earth is Globe
    – except CGI images fkc nonsense gravity relativity big bang
    – the stars turning in southern hemisphere backwards
    – what is goes to say nothing about shape only something about visibility

  12. Water conforms to that which contains it. A body of water by definition is contained. The spinning ball earth model is utterly ridiculous. If you doubt this fact next time you decide to wash your car don't use a bucket, use a ball instead, and see how that turns out for you ; )

  13. Flat. No doubt about it. Polaris, remaining the North star throughout the centuries for a spinning, twirling, ball in an ever expanding universe makes no sense at all. Not to mention the water on a spinning ball thing or the curvature math that doesn't work…

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