Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter Alternative Wifi-Sniper

FREE WIFI ANYWARE! $ave Money Use Free
Anonymous Wifi Networks
No More Monthly Internet Bills
Easy to use Plug-N-Play
Decodes WEP / WPA
Increase Speed & Bandwidth
Great for Online Gamers
No Computer Needed
Faster Ping Times
xbox, wii, playstation,
pc and mac compatible
What Does It Do?
Takes hotspot or wifi signal from afar (Up To 5+ Miles Away)
Then creates a powerful new hotspot for you and your family to connect to
using that distant signal for its conection
And It Does It Well!

What Is It?
All of our state of the art wifi products start with top of the line modified routers
We flash it with customized software making a High Powered wireless repeater powering a High Gain antenna with a 1000mWatt Power Boost
creating incredibly high db and EXTREMELY LONG RANGE!
We then configure, test and assemble the kits in an
Easy Plug-N-Play configuration
The video shows how to crack WEP- or WPA-secured networks (for testing/cracking your own wireless network(s). … (more)
Hack/Crack WEP/WPA
Video demo of Ethernet over power line alternative to using the Xbox 360 Wireless Network adapter. This eliminates the need to rewire your house with Ethernet cable while providing a more reliable connection for online game play and streaming video to your Xbox 360. For more alternatives to the offical Xbox 360 Wireless Network Adapter, see the article linked above

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